Business Development Services

Customer and partner engagement references

Developing and Leading the growing countries how to effectively fight economic crimes such as money laundering, corruption and smuggling for a Swiss corporate risk management software and private Swiss intelligence service provider

Developing and establishing the Eastern European market for a multinational postal and logistic service provider

Developing and providing German speaking countries for a Polish IT company network.

Developing and preparing Eastern European and Turkish financial service provider for a Swiss ECM and compliance software provider

Developing and founding local (Germany) and multinational Cloud market places to be replicated at other telecom and postal/logistics organizations as much as managed service providers in 9 European countries

Co-founding and developing of one of the first movers (Swiss company in establishing document lifecycle management software Cloud services to be run by and sold through the biggest telecoms and postal operators in Europe, Turkey and the Middle East

Developing a disruptive technology think tank company including a worldwide network of IT architects with direct access to global software provider’s development centres as much as boutique niche players in Europe

Development and set-up of 22 departmental business processes for a multinational Document Lifecycle Management Cloud service provider

Developing the service portfolio (Swiss company) and selling private intelligence services to the risk exposed industries (banks, trading companies, any global player) fighting economic crimes such as money laundering, corruption, fraud, organized crimes in the five worldwide hotspots

Front advising of innovation centres and solution marketing organizations within software / Cloud service companies, postal organizations, managed service providers and security companies

Developing and selling Polish “robo” advisory and personal finance management software to wealth management, asset management and insurance companies in Western Europe

Developing and selling Swiss digital transformation solutions and services to security, telecom, postal / logistics organizations and managed service providers in 12 countries in Europe, Turkey and the Middle East

Developing and designing Slovenian customer engagement software Cloud service portfolio to small and mid-size countries in Europe

Developing and enabling QPES’ professional, cost effective market research, telemarketing / telesales and corporate / digital marketing supplier network in Eastern Europe

Developing and promoting a European Enterprise Content Management professional service software solution portfolio in all of Europe

Developing 7 Eastern European countries with 9 community hubs and >1.000 IT / business domain professionals for QPES’ IT / business consulting service division