Management Consulting/Coaching

Customer and partner engagement references

Coaching of divisional director of a multinational document service provider how to develop new geographical markets outside of the home country (Europe)

Coaching of the marketing and sales director of a multinational consulting company how to introduce reasonable business processes and how to differentiate, position and sell a focused value proposition (Switzerland, Germany)

Coaching of divisional director in the customer loyalty software and service industry how to develop a new go to market model, how to differentiate the product and service portfolio and how to recruit different types of partner sales channels (Europe)

Coaching of divisional CEO, head of strategy, business development and innovation management of a global security company how to introduce a new governance model and how to transition the company towards the adapted value proposition (Germany)

Coaching of the management team of two companies why to establish a joint venture company and coaching of the Co-CEO’s how to structure the company and how to develop a multinational marketing and sales strategy (Adriatic countries)

Coaching of the CEO and main shareholder of a multinational document service provider how to introduce a new company structure and sales strategy to meet more demanding market requirements and how at the same time to mitigate private risks (Adriatic countries)

Coaching of the managing director in the real estate consulting industry how to structure the service portfolio and how at the same time to develop the right sales channels (Switzerland)

Coaching of the managing director and shareholder of a security and compliance company what services to be developed, positioned and sold via what channels and in what countries (worldwide)

Coaching of Eastern European ministries how to establish an enterprise content management strategy, develop an international tender to be funded by an European bank and running the customer representing project management

Coaching of the main group shareholder of a document management and compliance company how to structure the group, establish new and sell valuable companies as much as operationally running strategy, marketing and sales as an interims management engagement (Europe)

Consulting shared service centres and business process outsourcers how to position and at the same time how to sell the top five (HR, financial accounting, indirect procurement, IT and legal services) corporate centre services

Coaching and developing the German division of a multinational security company what services and solutions to be taken to market by 2020

Coaching the European division of a multinational security company how to take corporate risk management services to the European and Turkish market

Recruiting and coaching several “rain maker”, innovation and strategy circle teams to initiate the company transformation while selling a first anchor project without “disturbing” the running business operation

Coaching and articulating a market differentiating value proposition for a multinational strategy consulting company

Coaching of the CEO how to transform a project management company to a software supplier in three years