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Working together with QPES is most effective when combining trust, sympathy, appreciation, empathy, loyalty, reliability, flexibility, dedication, enthusiasm, creativity, experience, competence, cost effectiveness and the common goal how to achieve better results, faster!

Welcome to QPES and its vision to provide the right services to make your vision to become true!

Swiss company to be on the market since 2007

Best of breed professionals with the right experiences and competences to support your strategy, business development, marketing, sales, IT/business sourcing, software development/maintenance and project integration objectives

Representing >1.000 IT / business professionals from almost all Eastern European countries and Turkey covering all business-to-business domains with however, a strong focus on Enterprise Content and Information Management

Many long-term customer and partner engagements

Running proven, cost effective market research, tele-marketing/sales, corporate and digital marketing and software solution development/maintenance supplier eco-system in Eastern Europe and Turkey