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Corporate Positioning

Our name "Quality, Performance, Excellence, Services" (QPES) is our mission, Business2Business Software is our domain, competence is our DNA and 100% loyalty to OpenText, SAP and its customers and partners is our commitment!

Information Management
Strategy & Business Consulting Services operated by ChainBreak (SBCS)
Solution Development and Cloud Services (SDCS)
Solution Integration & Support Services (SISS)
Managed, Cloud and Testing Services (MCTS)
Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPOS)
Talent Management & Education Services (TMES)
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Strategy & Business Consulting Services operated by ChainBreak

In the business unit "Strategy & Business Consulting Services" (SBCS), QPES together with the Just-Faster group member ChainBreak supports companies in defining their Information Management strategy, preparing tenders, qualifying vendors and proposals and supervising so...

Solution Development and Cloud Services

In the business unit "Solution Development & Cloud Services" (SDCS), QPES together with the Just-Faster group member Cirro Cloud Solutions develops and provisions public Cloud solution suites while integrating various front-end and back-end as much as migrating various ...

Solution Integration & Support Services

In the business unit Solution Integration & Support Services (SISS), QPES provides solution integration and support consulting based on OpenText and SAP standard software, as well as individual software development for end customers based on OpenText and/or SAP technolo...

Managed, Cloud and Testing Services

In the business unit Managed, Cloud and Testing Services (MCTS), QPES provides partial or full OpenText and/or application operations services of either on-premise solutions or managed private cloud services. In addition, QPES operates Managed Private Cloud Services of ...

Business Process Outsourcing Services

In the business unit Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPOS), QPES provides closed-loop document logistics, legacy and daily operations Cloud services in the human resources, invoice, contract, technical, medical and financial services document processing industrie...

Talent Management & Education Services

In the business unit Talent Management & Education Services (TMES), QPES provides information management related recruitment and training services to standard software vendors, their partners and software users. With the QPES academy, QPES is not only training its own e...

Information Lifecycle Management Solutions

Future-oriented information lifecycle solutions automate all process steps from information creation to archiving, deletion or renewal. Typically, these include the following topics:

OpenText Products

QPES supports almost the entire Enterprise Content Management, Digital Process Automation, Customer Experience Management, Analytics and Reporting, LegalTech and Security portfolio of OpenText as well as all SAP by OpenText products.

Latest news

QPES completed its 250 OpenText project

In January, 2023, QPES as a subcontractor of OpenText professional services c...

QPES becomes Cirro Cloud Solution reseller and preferred system integrator

In January, 2023, QPES extends its strategic technology partnerships in becom...

QPES appoints Melania Joja-Gaman and Kalin Hristov to the executive board

In January, 2023, QPES extends its management bandwidth and appoints Melania...

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