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In QPES we believe that learning and development is the essence of all achievements. 

QPES is glad to invite you to bring your experience, your goals, and your background and continue your journey with us. 

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Job opportunities

Exstream Consultant

Ideal skillset:

  • Exstream knowledge - intermediate level
  • Basic cloud knowledge
  • Integration knowledge - API, Web Services
  • Basic Java knowledge
  • Web design knowledge on basic level (HTML, XSLT, etc.)

xECM for SFSF Consultant

Ideal skillset:

  • PowerDocs knowledge on Intermediate level
  • Integration knowledge - API, Web Services
  • Basic Java knowledge
  • (SuccessFactors knowledge (data structure))

Core for SFSF Consultant

Ideal skillset:

  • Exstream knowledge - basic level
  • ( SuccessFactors knowledge (data structure))

When asked to explain QPES, all I could say was:

  • Group of enthusiasts with innovative approach, striving for continuous improvement.
  • A process of learning while supporting the authenticity.
  • A Community of individual minds, working remote with joint heartbeat.

This is QPES!

Kostanca Mijalkova,  
Head of HR Group


At QPES, opportunities to shine happen daily.

I started my journey with very little experience and succeeded in learning and growing in various areas very fast and efficient, working on real projects during the process.

QPES values what makes you different and encourages you to act on your ideas, driven by strong leadership. We care for each other, we support each other both professionally and personally.

Trajanoska Ana,
Cloud Support Engineer, 2020 - present

A very progressive company with a lot of opportunities. You can use your skills and competencies as well as learn and grow. Flexible work schedule, which assures great work-life balance. I fill supported and very happy to work with outstanding team.

Interesting projects and amazing people, definitely – the people! That is what QPES for me.

Olga Trotsko,
Head of Group Bid Management


At QPES, we have a community working on different types of development and consulting projects on different domains. We have customers ranging from small and medium-sized business to some of the world’s largest brands and enterprises. As QPES Academy, we are constantly looking for talents who are passionate for IT and love to learn. We have training courses, demo systems, Master Coaches who will help newcomers to learn new things. If you are an explorer and innovator with an endless curiosity for learning, then our company is a right place to stay. Here we give an opportunity to improve skills, become a true expert and be able to participate in different kinds of challenging and interesting projects.

Executive Board Member and Master Coach,
QPES Academy Lead
Nikolaj Avtomonov

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