Information Lifecycle Management Solutions

Future-oriented information lifecycle solutions automate all process steps from information creation to archiving, deletion or renewal. Typically, these include the following topics:

Industry or Department specific File/Lifecycle Solutions 

  • Capital Project File Management
  • Contract File Lifecycle Management
  • Corporate File Lifecycle Management
  • Customer File Lifecycle Management
  • Engineering File Lifecycle Management
  • Government File Lifecycle  Management
  • Life Science File Development
  • Lodger/Property File Lifecycle Management
  • Marketing File Lifecycle Management
  • Matter File Lifecycle Management
  • Patient File Lifecycle Management
  • Personnel File Lifecycle Management
  • Plant Maintenance File Lifecycle Management
  • Product-/Service File Lifecycle Management
  • Pupil/Student File Lifecycle Management
  • Resident File Lifecycle Management
  • Stock/Material File Lifecycle Management
  • Supplier File Lifecycle Management

Cross Industry Solutions

Solutions that are solving/supporting important business processes for any industry. Typically, back office/central office processes. 

  • Procure to Pay Process Management (P2P)
  • Invoice to Pay Process Management (I2P)
  • Order to Cash Process Management
  • Requisition to Receive / Receipt Process Management
  • Mailroom Management
  • Mail Tray Management
  • Transaction File Lifecycle Management
  • Project File Lifecycle Management
OpenText Products

QPES supports almost the entire Enterprise Content Management, Digital Process Automation, Customer Experience Management, Analytics and Reporting, LegalTech and Security portfolio of OpenText as well as all SAP by OpenText products.

  • Archiving and Document Access
  • AppWorks Platform
  • Archive Center
  • Brava/Blazon
  • Business Centre
  • Business Capture Center
  • Captiva
  • Content Server (CS)
  • Contract Center
  • Core for SAP SuccessFactors
  • Core Share
  • Core Signature
  • Core for SAP Archiving
  • Core Capture
  • Documentum D2
  • Documentum D2 Life Science
  • Documentum Platform
  • Documentum Content Server
  • Documentum xCP
  • Documentum Capital Projects
  • Document Presentment
  • eDiscovery
  • eDOCS
  • Exstream
  • Exstream HP
  • Extended ECM for MS Dynamics
  • Intelligent Capture for SAP
  • iHub
  • InfoArchive
  • Intelligent Capture
  • Magellan Platform
  • Capture Center
  • Media Manager
  • PowerDocs
  • Records Manager
  • SAP ERP Central Component
  • SAP Plant Maintenance
  • SAP by OpenText
  • Streamserve
  • TeamSite
  • Vendors Invoice Management
  • Web Experience Management
  • Extended ECM Platform
  • Extended ECM Documentum for SAP Solutions
  • Extended ECM for AppWorks
  • Extended ECM for Engineering
  • Extended ECM for Government
  • Extended ECM for SAP
  • Extended ECM for SuccessFactors
  • Extended ECM for M 365
  • Extended ECM for SalesForce

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